Archivarix CMS

редактор восстановленных сайтов

Что такое Archivarix CMS

Archivarix CMS это бесплатная компактная open source CMS разработанная специально для управления восстановленными из веб архива или скаченными сайтами. Система работает с SQLite и представляет собой всего один небольшой файл. Для ее установки не надо создавать SQL базы данных и что-либо настраивать - достаточно просто загрузить файл на свой сервер.

Преимущества нашей CMS:

  • Высокая скорость - Наша CMS благодаря оптимизации HTML кода, CSS, JAVA скриптов и изображений скаченного сайта, а так же маленьким размерам работает гораздо быстрее чем большинство других. Это положительно сказывается на индексации сайта поисковыми системами.
  • Компактность и переносимость - всего 1 файл! Не надо создавать баз данных или заводить аккаунты, система работает сразу после загрузки на сервер.
  • Функциональность - С помошью Archivarix CMS можно редактировать файлы в WYSIWYG редакторе, создавать и удалять страницы, осуществлять поиск и замену по всему сайту, добавлять свой код, изображения и скрипты.
  • А так же наша CMS может работать совместно с любой другой (например с Вордпрессом или Друпалом) на одном сайте.
  • Гибкость - Возможность конвертировать любой сайт работающей на любой CMS или даже сделанный на простом HTML в Archivarix CMS.
  • Многофункциональность - Импорт и экспорт данных, объединение нескольких восстановленных или скаченных сайтов в один. Конвертация любой, даже очень старой и редкой кодировки в UTF8, поиск и удаление отсутствующих файлов и изображений. Возможность отката любых сделанных изменений.
  • Статистика для последующей доработки контента - Система собирает статистику по отсутствующим в восстановленном сайте URL. Данные можно использовать для последующей загрузки или создания недостающих файлов.

Список изменений

0.1.210802 (2021-08-02)

- a fix for switching Loader mode in CMS;

0.1.210726 (2021-07-26)

- a small fix for enabling /sitemap.xml during install and from robots.txt tool;

0.1.210710 (2021-07-10)

- increased default memory size up to 512M;
- improved work with sessions and security tokens;
- a new tool for simple insertion/editing of the code of counters and analytics in all pages of the site;
- ability to create custom 404 pages with an installation (requires a Loader update to support);
- ability to allow website in robots.txt and enable Sitemap with an installation;
- bulk editing URL metadata option in URL Replace section;
- additional filtering of Search-Replace by charset and redirection value;
- debug collects information about the total process time;
- improved export to a flat-file structure, ability to remove queries from URLs;
- when exporting to a flat-file structure, the creation time of files corresponds to the originals;
- speed improvements for large zip files;
- imports size on disk in the dashboard;
- import tool can import sites into a separate directory;
- reinstallation is available from the Import sites tool;
- simplified interface of the History section;
- custom rules can now be applied to URL paths that match a regex (requires a Loader update to support);
- one-click website conversion tool to www/non-www;
- suggestion to rename the default Archivarix CMS script name before installation;
- ability to install missing Loader (allows you to update very old versions of Loader from CMS);
- when installing a site with subdomains to a different domain, an option to automatically set the Custom domain value;
- updates for the Loader version are checked as well;
- a link to the original WebArchive version from any URL editor;
- fixed regex for CSS/JS versioning fix tool;
- link to online regex constructor;
- external packages updated to the latest versions;

0.1.210322 (2021-03-22)

- a new "QUERY-LESS" feature that can ignore the query string if no URL match found;
- a new case-sensitive mode in Search & Replace;
- export the website to a flat-file structure and download it directly from the CMS as a .zip file;
- an improved processing speed for large .ZIP files with restores;
- improved support for some outdated curl configurations that could not download a restore file due to insufficient SSL support;
- a new "remove.urls" action for CLI-mode that allows removing a list of URLs from a command prompt on your server;
- other minor improvements and optimizations;

0.1.201130 (2020-11-30)

- rewritten and improved support for URLs;
- improved display for URLs in the left panel;
- improved files structure to support systems without a proper UTF-8 filenames;
- an option to filter hostnames in a ZIP-export;
- advanced options for cloning URLs;
- improved merge of different sites that have subdomains;
- main domain is on top in the dashboard stats for websites with subdomains;
- empty charts should also display for empty data;

0.1.201103 (2020-11-03)

- full localization of Archivarix CMS into 13 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian);
- export of all current site data to a zip archive to save a backup copy or transfer to another site;
- show and remove broken zip archives in import tools;
- PHP version check during installation;
- information for installing CMS on a server with NGINX + PHP-FPM;
- in the search, when the expert mode is on, the date / time of the page and a link to its copy in the WebArchive are displayed;
- user interface improvements;
- code optimization;

0.1.201006 (2020-10-06)

- CLI support to deploy websites right from a command line, imports, settings, stats, history purge and system update;
- support for password_hash() encrypted passwords that can be used in CLI;
- expert mode to enable an additional debug information, experimental tools and direct links to WebArchive saved snapshots;
- tools for broken internal images and links can now return a list of all missing urls instead of deleting;
- import tool shows corrupted/incomplete zip files that can be removed;
- improved cookie support to catch up with requirements of modern browsers;
- a setting to select default editor to HTML pages (visual editor or code);
- Changes tab showing text differences is off by default, can be turned on in settings;
- you can roll back to a specific change in the Changes tab;
- fixed XML sitemap url for websites that are built with a www subdomain;
- fixed removal temporary files that were created during an installation/import process;
- faster history purge;
- removed unused localization phrases;
- language switch on the login screen;
- updated external packages to their most recent versions;
- optimized memory usage for calculating text differences in the Changes tab;
- improved support for old versions of php-dom extension;
- an experimental tool to fix file sizes in the database in case you edited files directly on a server;
- an experimental and very raw flat-structure export tool;
- an experimental public key support for the future API features;

0.1.200608 (2020-06-08)

- fixed: History section did not work when there was no zip extension enabled in php;
- new History tab with details of changes when editing text files;
- .htaccess edit tool;
- ability to clean up backups to the desired rollback point;
- "Missing URLs" section removed from Tools as it is accessible from the dashboard;
- monitoring and showing free disk space in the dashboard;
- improved check of the required PHP extensions on startup and initial installation;
- minor cosmetic changes;
- all external tools updated to latest versions;

0.1.200521 (2020-05-21)

- separate password for safe mode;
- extended safe mode. Now you can create custom rules and files, but without executable code;
- reinstalling the site from the CMS without having to manually delete anything from the server;
- ability to sort custom rules;
- improved Search & Replace for very large sites;
- additional settings for the "Viewport meta tag" tool;
- support for IDN domains on hosting with the old version of ICU;
- in the initial installation with a password, the ability to log out is added;
- if .htaccess is detected during integration with WP, then the Archivarix rules will be added to its beginning;
- when downloading sites by serial number, CDN is used to increase speed;
- other minor improvements and fixes;

0.1.200512 (2020-05-12)

- new dashboard for viewing statistics, server settings and system updates;
- ability to create templates and conveniently add new pages to the site;
- integration with Wordpress and Joomla in one click;
- now in Search & Replace, additional filtering is done in the form of a constructor, where you can add any number of rules;
- now you can filter the results by domain/subdomains, date-time, file size;
- a new tool to reset the cache in Cloudlfare or enable / disable Dev Mode;
- a new tool for removing versioning in urls, for example, "?ver=1.2.3" in css or js. Allows you to repair even those pages that looked crooked in the WebArchive due to the lack of styles with different versions;
- the robots.txt tool has the ability to immediately enable and add a Sitemap map;
- automatic and manual creation of rollback points for changes;
- import can import templates;
- saving/Importing settings of the loader contains the created custom files;
- for all actions that can last longer than a timeout, a progress bar is displayed;
- a tool to add a viewport meta tag to all pages of a site;
- tools for removing broken links and images have the ability to account for files on the server;
- a new tool to fix incorrect urlencode links in html code. Rarely, but may come in handy;
- improved missing urls tool. Together with the new loader, now counts calls to non-existent URLs;
- regex Tips in Search & Replace;
- improved checking for missing php extensions;
- updated all used js tools to the latest versions;
- many other cosmetic improvements and speed optimizations;

0.1.200214 (2020-02-14)

- in Search and Replace, you can now filter by url date;
- now external links from all pages of the site can be deleted with the click of a button. Anchors are preserved;
- the new ACMS_SAFE_MODE parameter, which prohibits changing the Loader/CMS settings and loading custom files, is also prohibited from importing import settings and custom files;
- the JSON settings files for the Loader and CMS can now be downloaded to your computer and downloaded to the CMS from a file on the computer. Thus, the transfer of settings to other sites has become even easier;
- creating custom rules has become more convenient, there are often used patterns that you can choose;
- new custom files can be created in the file manager without having to download the file;
- the url tree for the main domain always comes first;
- if you hide the url tree for the domain/subdomain, then this setting is saved while working with the CMS;
- instead of two buttons, open/collapse the url tree, now one that can do both;
- creating a new URL was simplified and when creating, you can immediately specify the file from the computer;
- in the mobile layout, the main working part comes first;
- after each manipulation of the file, its size is updated in the database;
- fixed buttons for selective history rollbacks;
- fixed creating new urls for subdomains that contain numbers in the domain name;

0.1.200207 (2020-02-07)

- install your restored website from a single CMS file uploaded to your hosting;
- set password in new Settings section;
- all CMS and Loader parameters/limits can be set from Settings area;
- files for custom includes now have to be placed into .content.xxxxxx/includes/ directory;
- simple but convenient file manager for includes;
- Imports support files with settings and custom includes;
- check for new versions and update CMS and Loader from CMS;
- shortcuts support for the text/code editor;
- detection of unnecessary files in the .content.xxxxxx folder;
- improved UX;

0.1.200122 (2020-01-22)

- new huge ACMS_TIMEOUT feature that will handle any long processing task;
- new tool for removing broken internal links;
- new tool for removing broken local images;
- new tool for settings rel (nofollow, noindex etc) for external links;
- new tool for importing/combining any existing restore right from our CMS;
- improved stats with subdomains lists;
- improved backup support for all actions;
- more convenient UX;

0.1.200107 (2020-01-07)

- new Tools section for convenient adding new features;
- convert whole website to UTF-8 with one click;
- additional filtering by MIME-type in Search & Replace;
- improved URLs replacing in Search & Replace;
- backups recovery for Search & Replace actions;

0.1.191219 (2019-12-19)

- improved support for rare charsets;
- fixed ability to create documents with "+" sign in mime types;
- updated external libraries to the latest versions;
- improved privacy when loading any external source from CMS;
- fixed "replace" functionality in non-html files;
- reduced default limits for search results;
- pagination for urls tree in huge recoveries;
- advanced filtering for Search and Replace results by code/url with full regex support;
- ability to log out of CMS;
- detecting blocked XHR POST requests and sending data the standard way with a page refresh;
- filed login attempts are logged to the web server log for fail2ban;
- search by url takes into account the domain/subdomain name;
- other small improvements and speed optimizations;

0.1.190214 (2019-02-14)

- support for IDN domains;
- support for URLs with incorrect symbols when decoded;
- adaptive design improvements;

0.1.190211 (2019-02-11)

- search within URLs and make replaces including regex support;
- new ACMS_PURGE_HISTORY to clean and disable history;
- additional code improvements;
- translation fixes;
- updated components from CDN;
- improved support for subdomains;

0.1.190109 (2019-01-09)

- Search & Replace multiline support;
- small bugfixes and code improvements;

0.1.190107 (2019-01-07)

- default interface locale based on your browser Accept-Language header;
- external URLs support in Redirect value;
- Search & Replace in other text formats (js, css, txt, json, xml);
- create new URLs with different mime-types directly from CMS without cloning;
- new Stats section with charts;
- alert for legacy SQLite versions;
- first stage implementation for our new 'Missing URLs' feature;

0.1.181101 (2018-11-01)

- code improvements to work on servers with short_open_tag disabled in PHP;
- simplified and more intuitive password setup (just set ACMS_PASSWORD value);
- new ACMS_LEAN_MODE to disable left tree menu for huge restores (drastically saves memory);
- new ACMS_MATCHES_LIMIT to limit results for Search and Replace (saves memory, does not slow down browser);

0.1.180929 (2018-09-29)

- improved support for SQLite older than 3.8.3;

0.1.180803 (2018-08-03)

- more support for old and rare charsets;

0.1.180616 (2018-06-16)

- a tiny fix for ACMS_LOGIN_PAGE = 1;

0.1.180524 (2018-05-24)

- custom password support: ACMS_LOGIN_PAGE = 'mypassword';
- detect missing mbstring that is required for Search & Replace;

0.1.180516 (2018-05-16)

- just an English localization fix;

0.1.180510 (2018-05-10)

- first public release version;
- total count of pages and matches in Search & Replace;
- video Tutorial in Russian language;
- increased memory_limit;

0.1.180501 (2018-05-01)

- roll back and purge selected backups;
- better unicode support in Search & Replace;

0.1.180428 (2018-04-28)

- sub-domains support;
- custom domain setting;
- default sort in History section;
- no red "IP restriction" message if login page is enabled;