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What is Archivarix?
Archivarix is a Wayback Machine Downloader. Download a website from internet archive ( Restore entire site exactly like it was on Wayback machine - 200 files free!
2018.02.12 ¡Hablamos español! And some fixes and improvements for correct restores of websites with mixed HTTP/HTTPS content.
2018.01.12 An additional CMS mode for Wordpress and other systems. A new option ARCHIVARIX_CUSTOM_DOMAIN for the restored website to run on another domain or localhost.
2017.12.20 Fixes for missing subdomains in some recovered websites.
2017.12.01 We have added MIME types statistics on a download page. Now you can see how many jpegs, htmls and other file types you will get in the archive.
2017.11.21 Bug with an infinite redirect loop on some sites is fixed.
2017.11.14 We have made content downloader based on PHP and SQLITE - we have version for Apache+PHP, NGINX+PHP and legacy version with .htaccess only. Now recovered sites will work much faster. Other features - Integration with Wordpress, integration with any TDS or other custom scripts and so on - see full description in "Tutorial and prices" section.
2017.10.21 Now system can find JS trackers and delete it when you select option "Remove trackers and analytics".
2017.10.17 Fix for compatibility with ModPagespeed hosting
2017.10.11 New features added: "Remove trackers and analytics" - You will get recovered site clean of any adds and banners (We have over 60000 code signatures in our database). "Make internal links relative" option - system will update all links in downloaded site to relative.
2017.10.10 We have made tutorial videos in Russan and English. You can see it in "Tutorial and prices" section.
2017.10.09 Error with CSS styles in some restored sites fixed. Some other minor errors are fixed.
2017.10.03 Big performance improvements. Now system is running faster.
2017.09.29 We have launched our service. Downloaded archive contains only non-php version of website. Own CMS and integration with other CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla are planned.