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What is Archivarix?
Archivarix is a free opensource CMS combined with an online website downloader and a wayback rebuilder. With our system you can restore any website from The Wayback Machine ( exactly like it was. Or you can download an existing website and get it in a zip file. When scraping process will be completed you will get a fully workable copy of restored/downloaded site with Archivarix CMS, so you can easily modify and operate it.
Restore from Wayback Machine Restore a website that previously existed and was crawled by Wayback Machine. We process all restored data to provide a final ready-to-upload website with a lot of additional improvements, code fixes, ads removal, images optimizations etc.
Download a live website Download or convert any existing website to make it secure, optimized and editable through our CMS. You can also download websites with expired domain but working hosting.
Edit and manage websites We've created Archivarix CMS for a convenient way to edit restored or downloaded websites. Single file to upload, no installation required.
Archivarix Wordpress Plugin Import missing external images from their original sources or Web Archive.
Archivarix Blog Learn how to work with WebArchive or use Archivarix to the maximum. Coming soon...
2023.10.10 Archivarix loader update for bots block support, custom rules page-depth support.
2022.09.29 Archivarix CMS improved x20 speed and a new loader version
2022.05.05 Archivarix CMS CLI support
2022.02.06 Archivarix CMS update
2020.05.21 An update that web studios and those using outsourcing will appreciate.
This and many other cosmetic improvements and speed optimizations.
2020.05.12 Our Archivarix CMS is developing by leaps and bounds.
The new update, in which the following appeared: This and many other cosmetic improvements and speed optimizations.
2020.02.14 New Friday, new updates!
A lot of new and useful was done in Archivarix CMS:
2020.02.07 New portion of updates!
There is no need to change anything in the source code of the files.

These and many other improvements in the new version. The loader has also been updated and works with the settings that the CMS creates.

2020.01.23 Another mega-update of Archivarix CMS!

Added very useful tools that allow the click of a button:

Now additional restores can be imported directly from the CMS itself. You can combine different restores into one working site.

For those who work with large sites or use poor hosting - all actions that previously could stop at the timeout of your hosting will now be divided into parts and automatically continue until they are completed. Want to make a replacement in the code of 500 thousand files? Import several gigabyte recovery? All this is now possible on any, even very cheap hosting. The timeout time (by default, 30 seconds) can be changed in the ACMS_TIMEOUT parameter.

Our loader (index.php) now works on both http and https protocols, regardless of the build parameters. You can force the protocol by changing the value of the ARCHIVARIX_PROTOCOL parameter.

2020.01.07 The next update of Archivarix CMS with the addition of new features. Now any old site can be correctly converted to UTF-8 with the click of a button. Search filtering has become even better, because results can be also filtered by MIME type.
2019.12.20 We have released the long-awaited Archivarix CMS update. In the new version, in addition to various improvements and optimizations, a very useful feature has been added for additional filtering of search results and full support for the tree structure of URLs for recoveries with a large number of files. For more details, see the Archivarix CMS script change log.
2019.11.27 Our WordPress plugin Archivarix External Images Importer has been released. The plugin imports images from third-party websites, links to which are located in posts and pages, into the WordPress gallery. If the picture is currently not available or deleted, the plugin downloads a copy of it from the Web Archive.
2019.11.20 We have added a new section of our site - Archivarix Blog. There you can read useful information about the operation of our system and site restoration.
2019.10.02 Recently our system has been updated and now we have two new options:
  1. You can download Darknet .onion sites. Just enter .onion website address in the "Domain" field here and our system will download it from the Tor network just like a regular website.
  2. Content extractor. Archivarix can not only download existing sites or restore them from the Web Archive but can also extract content from them. In the "Advanced options" field you need to select "Extract structured content". After that you will recieve a complete archive of the entire site, and an archive of articles in xml, csv, wxr and json formats. When creating an archive of articles our parser takes into account only meaningful content excluding duplicate articles, elements of design, menus, ads and other unwanted elements.
2019.09.18 New features and improvements:
- Create a website with a www default subdomain.
- Set a referer to bypass cloaking with our Live Website Downloader.
- New mode for returning 404 code instead of default 301 for missing urls.
- Improved external iframes removal.
- Improved loader (index.php).
2019.05.20 A new feature - select User Agent for downloading live websites. Do you need a version that is shown to a Googlebot only? Now you can have it.
2019.05.09 A new feature - preserving 301/302 redirects for websites restored from Wayback Machine and downloaded from live originals.
2019.04.26 A new version for our Archivarix Website Downloader. A huge speed improvements and better crawling with support of modern websites.
2019.04.14 Archivarix Affiliate Program is available! Start making money now. Get 15% from your referrals for life.
2019.03.03 Creating custom modules? Intergrating your existing link exchange system with Arvhivarix restores? We've released a new loader (index.php) that has additional important variables for developers who create their own custom include modules. All new restores come with an updated loader. You can download it manually here to update your existing website. It's 100% compatible with any previous restore made with our system. This update also has a significant speed improvements and low memory consumption for sitemap.xml on big websites. Tested on 3+ mil pages restores.
2019.02.25 You can now Sign In or Register in a single click with Google.
2019.01.21 Improved live website downloader.
2019.01.09 Additional CMS update. Multiline search! Finally!
2019.01.07 CMS update. Default locale detection, external redirects support, Search & Replace within other text formats, statistics with charts.
2018.12.01 We switching from 'Ālep to Bēt version of Archivarix! Live websites download functionality is publicly available. All restored and downloaded websites are fully compatible with our Archivarix CMS. Thank you, all our testers!
2018.11.01 An update for our Archivarix CMS. Code improvements, more intuitive password setup and additional limits that allow working with big (50k+ files) restores with little memory. We are working on switching "lean" mode on without code editing. Stay tuned!
2018.08.03 More support for very old and rare charsets.
2018.05.24 You can now use custom password protection for CMS by setting ACMS_LOGIN_PAGE = 'mypassword'; variable. Password must have at least 6 characters. Improved support for encoding on servers that don't have mbstring.
2018.05.16 Our new CMS is officially released! Thank you, all alpha testers for working together on a script that brings restoring websites to a completely new level. You can edit pages, add new ones, search and replace matches... and a lot more. The latest version is available on our Archivarix CMS page.
2018.04.02 XML Sitemaps! Just set ARCHIVARIX_SITEMAP_PATH in our index.php loader. If your restore does not contain a new loader (release 20180403) with a sitemap support - you can create a new clone or contact us and we will reassemble all your restores to the latest version. We also prepare all new restores to work with our own CMS that we are working on. All old restores will be automatically converted to a new version before we release our CMS.
2018.04.01 Improved charset detection for text/html mime-type files.
Loader: improved handling for missing .css and .js with query; support for trailing slash in all URLs without queries.
2018.03.24 Improved support for hostings with old PDO_SQLITE version. Error messages in our index.php loader are more user-friendly. "Make internal links relative" option is more intelligent now.
2018.03.08 Six new languages on user interface! Write us if you see any grammar errors.
2018.02.28 Restored websites will work on a different domain name by default. No need to set ARCHIVARIX_CUSTOM_DOMAIN. It just works!
2018.02.26 Big important update! Our system can restore websites that were restricted by robots.txt. We are very proud of this update.
2018.02.22 Fix to support some rare cases where $_SERVER['HTTPS'] is set to 'off' instead of empty value.
2018.02.20 Fix with encoding detection. "Optimize HTML-code" feature now works as expected even if the website had a rare non-utf8 charset.
2018.02.12 ¡Hablamos español! And some fixes and improvements for correct restores of websites with mixed HTTP/HTTPS content.
2018.01.12 An additional CMS mode for Wordpress and other systems. A new option ARCHIVARIX_CUSTOM_DOMAIN for the restored website to run on another domain or localhost.
2017.12.20 Fixes for missing subdomains on some recovered websites.
2017.12.01 We have added MIME types statistics on a download page. Now you can see how many jpegs, htmls and other file types you will get in the archive.
2017.11.21 Bug with an infinite redirect loop on some sites is fixed.
2017.11.14 We have made content downloader based on PHP and SQLITE - we have a version for Apache+PHP, NGINX+PHP and a legacy version with .htaccess only. Recovered sites will work much faster now. Other features - integration with Wordpress, integration with any TDS or other custom scripts and so on - see full description in "Tutorial and prices" section.
2017.10.21 Now system can find JS trackers and delete it when you select option "Remove trackers and analytics".
2017.10.17 Fix for compatibility with ModPagespeed hosting
2017.10.11 New features added: "Remove trackers and analytics" - You will get recovered site clean of any adds and banners (We have over 60000 code signatures in our database). "Make internal links relative" option - system will update all links in downloaded site to relative.
2017.10.10 We have made tutorial videos in Russan and English. You can see it in "Tutorial and prices" section.
2017.10.09 Error with CSS styles in some restored sites fixed. Some other minor errors are fixed.
2017.10.03 Big performance improvements. Our system is running faster now.
2017.09.29 We have launched our service. Downloaded archive contains only non-php version of website. Own CMS and integration with other CMS like Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla are planned.